Good is Better Pro is Excellent: Choose Viagra Professional to get the Excellence

First I want to answer a simple question on what is generic drugs? Generic drugs are simply produced and distributed without the patent protection enjoyed by some brands. Generic contains the same active ingredients (in the case of Viagra Professional-Sildenafil Citrate) as the brand pills of Viagra produced by pfizer.

About Generic Viagra

Generic pills are identical to brand pills in dose, strength, route of administration, safety, efficacy, and intended use. Usually generic pills are identified as chemical name which might confuse some patient but they are the same drugs like the branded counterpart.

Buy Generic Viagra professional

Buy Generic Viagra professional

Viagra Professional is a generic extra strength medication which works faster and better than Viagra. Similar to other drugs which is used to treat erectile dysfunction or some kind of impotence, Viagra professional is not a regular medication and only taken as required. One should take one pill of Viagra Professional an hour before sexual activity with or without a meal. Viagra professional should be taken more than one pill a day and it is very good at helping the body to achieve and sustain an erection while performing sexual activity. The effectiveness of Viagra professional comes from its ingredient which helps the body by increasing the blood flow in the human muscles. A patient should not consume alcohol along with the Viagra professional as this may lead to serious medical side effects.

Side effects

Some common side effects of Viagra professional, but not limited to, are

  • difficulty breathing;
  • chest pain or an irregular heartbeat
  • closing of the throat; and or swelling of the lips, tongue,
  • swelling of the ankles or legs;
  • prolonged or severe dizziness;
  • shortness of breath;
  • headache; and mild dizziness
  • nasal congestion;

You need to consult your doctor if these symptoms persist and people who take nitrates for chest pain should not take Viagra Professional.

Viagra Professional does not stop the spread of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to others through sexual contact. Viagra Professional will not prevent pregnancy. Viagra Professional is not approved for use in women nor children. People who suffer from medical condition like, but not limited to, sickle cell anemia, or leukemia, kidney or liver problems should not take Viagra Professional.

Viagra professional is a good drug that can easily and simply replace the costly branded drugs like Viagra and it is recommend for use for anyone who is 18 years of age or older. Discuss with your doctor or primary physicians before taking Viagra Professional as the benefits of Viagra Professional based on your health, age, and needs should be evaluated.


Levitra is the drug which helps in blood flow by relaxing muscles, and since it is very useful for increasing blood flow it is used to treat symptoms of impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED). Like other drugs which is used to treat, erectile dysfunction, Levitra is not for children or woman and should not be used by men who had any kind of heart attack in the last 6 months or people who take medication with nitroglycerin content. Taking Levitra when on other medication can lead to sudden decrease in blood pressure: leading to life threatening condition. Once on Levitra if the erection is more than 4 hours, a doctor visit or consultation is imminent. Note that during sexual activity, after taking Levitra, any numbness, dizzy spells, pain or tingling maybe the serious side effects of the medication: if this happens please call your doctor immediately.

Buy Levitra Australia

Buy Levitra Australia

If you have been told that you should not engage in sexual activity due to medical condition, please do not take Levitra on your own as taking Levitra will increase your chance of life threatening side effects. Make sure your doctor reviews or is aware of your past medical history if you had a personal or family history of “Long QT syndrome”, stomach ulcer, disease of liver or kidney, and blood cell disorder. It is imperative to tell your doctor if you have history of high or low blood pressure, any kind of vision or hearing problems before your doctor can prescribe you Levitra. A sudden decrease in blood flow to the optic nerve of the eye can lead to vision loss because of that people with certain per-existing eye and people who smoke should be cautious and cleared by their doctor before taking Levitra.

There are some reported side effects of Levitra with most common being stuffy nose and redness of the face, neck, arms, and upper chest. Less common side effects might be abnormal ejaculation, congestion, diarrhea, headache, confusion, sweating or unable to sleep.
To find the full list of side effects reported for Levitra, please visit the site Note that not all side effects are reported and you should always contact your doctor if you feel uneasy after taking Levitra.

Before taking to you doctor, you can go through checklist to identify the questions you need to ask and making sure Levitra tablets for daily use is safe for you. Make sure you know all the benefits and any side effects of using Levitra as it is one of the prescription medication for ED.