Why Levitra is a good alternative to VIagra?

Are you or your partner having trouble between the sheets?

In Australia, One in Five men, over the age of 40 deal with erectile dysfunction. One out ten Australian men over 40, can not achieve an erection at all. Taking an E.D. medication achieves an erection sufficient enough to have sex, in 70% of otherwise healthy men.
Often the price of the medication and whether or not your insurance plan covers it, hinders easy access to E.D. medication. Erectile dysfunction medications work, by improving the penis’ blood supply. With sexual stimulation, an E.D. drug dose produces an erection that can cover a full cycle of intercourse, from erection onset, to climax.

Levitra tablets in Australia

If your insurance does not cover erectile dysfunction medications, then each dose of E.D. medication can cost between $19 AUS to $26 AUS. In a fair number of situations, insurance will only cover a few doses per month, additional doses then require that payment is paid out of pocket.
Some men, that have other health issues, such as, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and damaged arteries, may not respond to E.D. drugs.
Erectile dysfunction, can impact a male psychologically and emotionally, regarding his sexual performance, even when it is a physical problem beyond his control.
80% of the men affected by E.D. have a physical problem, only 20% face a psychological issue. If you are looking for an answer to erectile dysfunction, you and your partner should try Levitra, which is also known as vardenafil. Levitra is one of the top 4 medications prescribed, when a patient is dealing with erectile dysfunction. When using Levitra, an erection can be achieved within 30-40 minutes after taking the medication and it has a duration of 4-5 hours. When taking Levitra, you must make sure it is taken on an empty stomach. Eating before taking Levitra will block the absorption of the drug, and the medication will not work
Some side effects of Levitra (listed from more frequently reported, to less frequently reported) are: headache, flushing, upset stomach, nasal congestion, urinary tract infections, vision problems, diarrhea, dizziness, and rash. Some patients have described having a blue tint to their vision after taking Levitra. If you take nitrates, you should not take Levitra, since both medications combined can create a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Urinary tract medications, called alpha-blockers can also cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure, and if you are taking this kind of medication, you should make sure that you wait 4 hours after taking an alpha-blocker, before taking Levitra.
Often E.D. is a signal your body is sending out, that you may have an underlying heart condition.
E.D. can put a large strain on a relationship. Often an E.D. patient’s partners may believe that they are no longer physically attracted to them, are having an affair or think that they no longer enjoy sex with them. Only 10% of Australian men with erectile dysfunction, seek treatment for the problem.
Restoring intimacy with a partner, leads to a happy and healthy sex life. Seeking treatment for E.D. and maintaining physical intimacy with your partner, is key to a successful relationship.

Kamagra jelly in Australian pharmacy

Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest problems that men in Australia experience. There is a high rate of reported men that suffer from this or a similar condition, approximately 1 out of 5 men have erection related problems and 1 out of 10 suffer from erectile dysfunction. These numbers are big and they are also in the rise and so there are many stores that provide with a wide variety of treatments to help men overcome this condition.

Kamagra oral jelly in Australian pharmacy

Kamagra Jelly is one of the most popular medicines in the Australian market used to treat erectile dysfunction. Its popularity is due to the practicality that this medicine provides. Unlike other medicine out there in the market this treatment comes in a form of a jelly, its content can be emptied easily on a spoon and the user can then take it. Kamagra jelly has also a variety of flavors such as strawberry and banana and it’s really popular among those who hate to swallow a pill or have difficulty doing so. Many stores in Australia sell this treatment and since Kamagra jelly is considered a generic treatment it’s also a cheaper option available. It’s quite easy to get this medicine as well, you can either get it in a physical location or buy it online from many stores in a totally confidential way. The companies will send the user the medicine in a discrete envelope getting in this way, the embarrassment of purchasing it face to face from the equation, you can also get it without the prescription of a doctor. The price, the confidentially and its effectiveness have made that this medicine grows in numbers in the Australian market. It is an alternate form of Kamagra, which originally comes in tablets. Kamagra jelly is even more effective than Kamagra in the tablets version and it has proven to be more effective than many of the medicine available in the market as well. This medicine usually takes 20 to 40 minutes to act, it acts faster than most alternatives due that it’s taken in different way and this speed the process. The user experiences enhanced erection during a period of 5 to 6 hours until the effect of this treatment ceases to act. The main component of this medicine is sildenafil, which is also the main component of the tablet version and many other alternatives in the market. Kamagra jelly has powerful effects and while relatively new, it’s in the Australian market to stay. This medicine must be taken with the most responsibility as it also comes with unwanted side effects.

Some of the side effects of this medicine are hearing problems, vision loss, headaches, dizziness, fainting, and numbness in some parts of the body, chest pains, blurry vision and priapism (which is an erection that lasts for more than 5 hours). If the user experiences any of this problems in a severe manner than he should contact a doctor immediately as ignoring them can have serious and permanent consequences. In conclusion Kamagra jelly is a great option for treating erectile dysfunction but the user must take it with a lot of responsibility and not mixing it up with other types of medicine unless a doctor approves it.