Cialis Super Active in Australia

Cialis Super Active is one of a list of erectile dysfunction medication that is available without a prescription from online pharmacies in Australia. It is one of the generic versions of the drug Cialis, or, as it is also known, Tadalafil, which is one of a class of vasodilators like Viagra and Levitra. The way these medications, including Cialis Super Active, work to treat erectile dysfunction is by relaxing smooth muscle in the penis, which increases blood flow and makes it easier to physically attain an erection. These medications were initially discovered in a search for heart medications, and can still be used for those purposes under other label names. The erectile dysfunction treatment was actually a happy accident, but is now what these classes if medications are primarily known for.

Order Cialis Super Active in Australia

All Tadalafil drugs, including generics like Cialis Super Active, work through a series of enzymes called PDE5 inhibitors. However, although the generics are chemically equivalent to Cialis, they can have slightly different formulations which mean they may be faster acting or work better for some men who are not helped by original Cialis or who have unsuccessfully tried Viagra or similar medications. However, because all erectile dysfunction medications in this group tend to use similar mechanisms, it is very important to never mix any form of Cialis with other medications like Viagra, as this can cause serious side effects. One risk is a painful and dangerous condition which results in erections lasting longer than four hours, and can, if untreated, lead to impotence.

Cialis Super Active has a few unique characteristics, including acting significant faster – often as quickly as within 5-7 minutes after ingestion, compared to the thirty minutes Cialis can often take. This is because Cialis Super Active uses a gelatin form which dissolves significantly more quickly than other forms.

Erectile dysfunction medications only address the physical side of erectile dysfunction, they do not in themselves cause erections. Sexual stimulation is still required to attain an erection and some men whose erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by psychological factors including significant stress may find that they need additional help to address their underlying concerns. However, for some men, erectile dysfunction is its own source of deep anxiety and distress, and treating that can help them in many areas of their lives. Some men also will benefit from Cialis Super Active if they are taking anti-depressants and similar medications which can significantly, negatively impact libido.

There are certain conditions where it is strongly recommended that you refrain from using medications like Cialis Super Active, particularly without the close supervision of a medical professional. If you are taking any medication that involves nitrates, which includes a number of prescription medications, as well as street drugs like amyl nitrate or “poppers”, which is commonly used during sex. The interactions of these medications can be very dangerous. Excess drinking or eating grapefruit, including grapefruit juice, can also impact the effectiveness and risks surrounding Cialis Super Active. Men who are older, smokers, those who struggle with high blood pressure or heart disease are also at significant risk of having adverse effects.

Many men who are looking for a cost effective generic alternative to Cialis may find that Cialis Super Active is a very attractive solution. It can be purchased from a number of Australian pharmacies online without a prescription and shipped worldwide.