Viagra review

Viagra is another name for sildenafil citrate, which is a drug approved to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis. You must also have sexual stimulation for it to work. The combination of Viagra and sexual stimulation can cause the user to achieve a hard and long lasting erection so that they can have a sexual encounter that is pleasing for all parties involved. This is a wonderful thing for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Viagra has some indications that make it inappropriate for certain populations to use. For example, if you take a class of drugs called nitrates then you should not take Viagra. Nitrates are often prescribed for pain in the chest or other hypertension issues. In combination with Viagra, this can cause your blood pressure to drop so low that it is not safe.

If you start having a sudden loss of hearing or major decrease in hearing, then this might be a sign of a bad effect to Viagra. You should stop taking it if this happens. Also if you have a major decrease or loss of vision while taking it, you should stop taking it and let your doctor know immediately. Both of these symptoms could be a sign of a more serious reaction, so it’s important not to ignore them if this happens.

If you’ve had a heart attack or other heart issues, then let your doctor know before you start taking Viagra. Also if you have a history of heart problems or irregularities you should let your doctor know. Discuss any medications you are taking prior to starting on Viagra as well.
Overall though, side effects are usually rare and very mild. Things commonly reported include a headache, congested nose, flushing of the skin, and dizziness. These are usually mild and might disappear as you adjust to the medication and get your dosage adjusted as well. You should take as low a dose as necessary to still get the desired effects. You should take Viagra about thirty minutes to an hour prior to your sexual encounter, then it should last for four to six hours. This should give you a sufficient window of time to do whatever you need to do with flexibility.
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