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Flagyl, which is often commonly referred to as Metronidazole (which is a key component in the medication), is an antibiotic. In other words, it is used to treat various sorts of bacterial infections. It is used to treat anaerobic bacterial diseases, such as those affecting the vagina, the stomach, the skin, the joints and the respiratory system. What does anaerobic mean? Anaerobic bacteria are organisms that inhibit areas that contain little oxygen. In such environments, these organisms multiply quickly, resulting in an array of diseases. In the abdomen, they cause bacterial peritonitis; in the liver, they create abscess, and in the pelvic region, they can cause abscess in the ovaries as well as in the Fallopian tubes. Flagyl is also used to treat Helicobacter pylori, an infection which is responsible for ulcers of the stomach and the duodenum. In addition, Flagyl is also used to treat infections of the brain, blood, lungs and gums.

Flagyl is also effective in the eradication of various bodily parasites. There are intestinal parasites that sometimes inhibit the human body. Two such parasites are Giardia lamblia and ameba. The symptoms that indicate the presence of these organisms include abdominal pain as well as diarrhea. Another parasite is Trichomonas, which is found in the vagina. This particular parasite causes swelling of the vagina, which is called vaginitis. How does Flagyl work? It prevents certain function of the bacteria, which results in the death of the parasites.
Apart from treating patients with bacterial diseases, Flagyl is also used to prevent post-surgical infections. In fact, doctors tend to prescribe it for use 24 hours before intestinal and gynaecological surgery.

Flagyl is available in many forms, which contain different milligrams. It can be found in tablets, capsule, cream, lotion, gel and injection. It is up to a doctor to decide what form to prescribe to his/her patient, since some forms are more potent than others.

Flagyl is an effective medication in the treatment of anaerobic bacteria and parasites. However, like all medication a doctor should be consulted. Women who are pregnant or nursing, persons who are frequent drinkers, persons with liver conditions are not to take this medicine. In addition, certain persons may experience allergies to the medication. A visit to the doctor’s office is vital. It is up to the doctor to decide how much of the medication a person will need and how often, which is determined by the nature of the illness. Hence, the role of the doctor is key in determining whether or not this is the right treatment for the patient.

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